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Black Mesa Caravan Dinner & Movie Fundraiser | March 8th, 2012 | @ Craig Hall at the University of Denver – 2148 S. High st.  | Starting at 7pm




Black Mesa Benefit Dinner | March 9th, 2012 | @ Ft. Collins Mennonite Fellowship | 7pm – 9pm

I. Training for the Fall Caravan | November 7th, 2010
II. Spaghetti Fundraiser and Caravan Farewell | November 11th, 2010

I. Training for the Fall Caravan | November 7th, 2010

We are going to host a training and orientation for the fall caravan to Black Mesa on Sunday, November 7 at 2727 W. 27th Avenue. It will go from 10am until 6pm and will include a variety of workshops including:

Black Mesa 101
Getting into the Cultural Sensitivity Guide
Solidarity, Ally-ship and Decolonization
Structure and Communication on the Land
Be Prepared! A typical day on the caravan and what to bring

We will end with a question and answer discussion with people who have been out to Big Mountain before.  We will provide snacks, please bring a sack lunch.  This training is crucial for caravan participants so we can all be on the same page before we leave.  Even if you have attended previous caravans, we will be talking about broader issues such as anti-oppression and decolonization that will help us create a stronger movement.

In addition, we are requesting that all participants be registered prior to the training, and ask that all registration be turned in by October 29th. We will be using the same registration form as Black Mesa Indigenous Support which can be found at along with the Cultural Sensitivity Packet, which should be read prior to registration.   Please email your registration forms to leah at  In addition, make it to a meeting or two in October to meet other participants and engage in the group.

If you are not able to attend meetings regularly, please be working on your own time to collect supplies and funds and check in with an organizer.  Attached is the supply list so far for this year’s caravan.  Get the word out!  Ask neighbors, friends or relatives if they have any of this stuff laying around- organize a supply drive at your school, work, go to a garage sale or check the free list on craigslist.  Remember we are in big need of trucks and trailers, if you don’t have a pick-up to take down but a friend or family member does, ask now to see if they will let you borrow it for those ten days.   We are compiling a database of supplies as we acquire them, please email donations received to Jen Rahn at  If you don’t have space to store them, let us know and we’ll find a storage spot.

We have also calculated that each attendee is responsible for raising at least 100 dollars for the caravan.  Street performing and bake sales are some of the many ways we can get creative about raising money.  What are you good at?  Use those skills to make the caravan happen.  We also need help to organize a dinner and movie night on November 11th.

Remember, this caravan only happens if we all make it happen.  It is the responsibility of all participants to raise money and supplies, as well as raise awareness about what has been happening at Black Mesa.  We are looking for more skilled participants to attend as well- if you know carpenters, arborists, body workers, herbalists, auto mechanics or folks with construction skills, please encourage them to come!


II. Spaghetti Fundraiser and Caravan Farewell

Thursday, November 11 · 5:30pm – 9:30pm Community Space
2705 Larimer Street
Denver, CO 80218

ello Beautiful People!

We are having a spaghetti fundraiser for the Black Mesa Colorado Caravan. We want to share a meal with you, watch a video about the history at Big Mountain and say our farewells as we go in to final preparations for our 10 day solidarity caravan. Let us know about your dietary needs and we’ll make sure to accomodate them!

Suggested donations is $5-$10. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. You can also bring some supplies in place of a donation. Check out our blog page for our materials wish list:

Also, if you cannot make the fundraiser but still wish to donate, please consider donating today on our paypal site:


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